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About me

Why Hello!


I'm Polly. I am a thirty-something, fashion lovin', adventure seeking, obsessive foodie.


Those that know me well say I am detailed, passionate, adaptable, witty, and a handful of crazy-fun. I am the happy-go-lucky girl that loves to laugh. I believe life is to be lived and loved to the fullest. I love seeking 'the new', unexplored territory, for that is where true meaningful memories are created.


I love/ hate stepping out of my comfort zone because it means I get to build my capacity and gain new skills.


For me, photography has been a love affair that has stretched over a decade. Each year I learn to love it more. Having photographed many things from Art Reproduction, Fashion, Fine Art, Weddings, Engagements, to Families and more. With this variation of subjects and styles it has made me appreciate the every day interactions with each other that we may take for granted.


My work is natural and personal. Having been trained in the studio, I like to take every opportunity to photograph outside and capture the moment.


If you are interested in my work and would like to know more, flick me an email. I would love to hear from you :) 


"A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained by words "


Let's talk

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