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Playing Tourist

So this year I made it my priority to travel more. It sounds simple, but as a single gal finding the right person to go with can be tricky. Argh, but luck was in my favour and my dear friend, Monique was only too keen to go on a weekend getaway. Our sights were set on going on the Great Ocean Road and making our way the the 12 Apostles. Sure we happened to pick one of the busiest weekends (Easter?!!) but we didn't care. We threw our itinerary out the window and we let yourselves we directed by the wind. With camping gear all backed we were ready for anything.

There were obvious highlights with Johanna Beach being truly beautiful and secluded or the buzz and life found in Lorne. It was a joy to play tourist and shoot for myself without any preconceived ideas of what will happen. It was fun and spontaneous.

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